About Me

Born and raised in Muskoka, yet every year I am in awe of how much Muskoka has to offer. I reside in Gravenhurst, Ontario but you can usually find me elsewhere in Muskoka (or beyond!) on weekends; exploring. My boyfriend (and best friend) of almost six years and I spend our free time searching out interesting and unique locations. Don't get me wrong though, some Sundays really are meant to just stay at home and relax, either inside watching movies, or outside in the garage working on some sort of project!

Photography is so important to me in many different ways. I love being able to stop a moment in time and share that special-ness with you. We had gotten photos done of our family a few years ago, and a few months later my grandpa had passed. I am so thankful I have those photos to hold dear forever!

I can't wait to get to know you and hear about what you envision for our time together. Whether its chasing sunsets or sunrises, I'm ready for anything!

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