how do I receive my photos?

via a private online gallery (pixieset). once images are ready, I upload them and send you a link. with this link, you can view your photos, download them to your phone or computer, order prints and other products and even share with friends and family.

do you photograph anything other than couples/weddings?

yes I do! my main focus is those types of experiences but I have no problems getting creative with you about a different idea.

how many images are included?

there is no set limit. after the first part of my editing process is completed, I am left with many images that I edit and send to you. the amount you receive depends on type of session and length.

what if there is bad weather?

this totally depends on the situation and severity of the weather. if its snowing, we would continue with the session. if its raining, we can get creative or we can reschedule if its really heavy rain. wind, and other more severe weather results in rescheduling!

do you give out raw/unedited photos?

no I do not.

can you offer vendor recommendations?

absolutely!! I have a fantastic list of vendors that I have worked with or have been admiring from afar to recommend.

how do travel expenses work?

if you are booking a wedding or elopement, travel expenses will be included in your final and official package. if you are booking a regular session such as couples, families, maternity, etc they will vary depending on how far the drive is/plane ticket, if I need overnight accommodation, etc.

do you photoshop our photos?

I do not. I want your photos to showcase who you are - with no changes to that raw, candid moment. I may change minor things such as fly aways, annoying signs in the background, pesky pimples etc but overall I do not make extensive changes to your photos.

do you offer discounts?

no, I do not.

must I order prints/products through you?

no you do not, but I have made the process surprisingly easy to order prints directly through your gallery. not to mention when you order through me, your photos are printed by a high quality, professional lab. they are then double checked by me before being shipped straight to your door!

do you have locations to suggest?

yes! I have list to choose from or I can spend some time scouting a location that suits you and your session "vibe".